turquoise 7" leather bracelets

USA handmade leather bracelet + handstamped aluminum plate + sterling silver rivets

ALL bracelets in this sale are 7" from snap to snap. I will be taking a long break from bracelets after this to focus on the custom tag wait list, but next time I decide to do this, I will get alternate sizes.

(my wrist measures exactly 6" and my bracelet is 7" and it is okay-- 6.5" is perfect for me but 7" isn't extremely big)

NEW: made with my own homemade bracelet blanks. thicker than the ones used in the past, and "long diamond" is now an option for shape, although it can fit less stuff!

turnaround: my mailperson is already arriving near 8PM several times a week and I had a horrible time with extremely slowed holiday shipping last year, so I am very pessimistic about these arriving by christmas. however, it is likely that these will be completed and mailed before christmas.

$ 50.00