Mad Dog Metalworks

UPDATES AUGUST 10, 2018 * I will be attempting to keep Mad Dog Metal open by taking custom orders on a limited basis. Only a few orders will be accepted at once and no more until those are done. The orders will be taken from a no obligation wait list that is reset monthly. The demand for my work is beyond what I can handle if orders are constantly open, and I would prefer to provide fast and good service to a few people every day instead of having a long (and, knowing me— unreliable) turnaround time and the constant stress that goes with it. And instead of closing the business. Extra time will go to takeout (premade) tags, where I can end my work day at any point without guilt. Lol. I have been unable to keep up working 15-16 hour days, not taking weekends, and neglecting everything else in my life, so this is the answer that will work even if it is inconvenient. Thank you all for your support and understanding. I have several amazing offers to buy the business in its entirety if it does not work out, but I love making tags for y’all and I really want to make sure it does. More Updates! *WAITING TAG DELAY* I expected all waiting custom orders other than bracelets or “seconds” tags to ship by today, August 10, as I have family visiting this weekend. However my tag marathon was slowed by some horrible stomach thing rampaging through my 8 dog household. Our pup was most affected and we weren’t sure if it was related or a different potentially life threatening issues. I have spent many hours at the vet with him in the last few days and have been exceptionally worried and exhausted. With all the messes, dogs and kennels to constantly clean since Weds, I haven’t been able to sit down long enough to get many tags done. The remaining orders are a few days worth of work max, but I won’t be available full time this weekend. Please add a couple business days to an estimated ship date if I gave you one and I majorly apologize for these delays. *BRACELETS* Alternate size bracelets arrived yesterday, so I expect these to ship early next week! Thank y’all for understanding!