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gallery - click photos to see which fonts and symbols were used for each tag!

- fonts

to compare relative sizes of fonts available:


what's missing from this chart: snapdragon, one of the lowercase sizes of shiny, 2 larger sizes of fresh ink, many sizes of block fonts, two large sizes of easy in between the massive one and the others, several sizes of brilliant, brutal upper and lower, 3 more upper and lower sizes of typewriter.

- symbols

UNDER CONSTRUCTION! :D when ordering, feel free to use the codes or just describe any symbols pictured that don't have codes yet.

S1: alien (medium)

S2: UFO (medium)

S3: earth (medium)

S4: custom UFO (large) (see group pic below)

S5: rocket ship (medium) (see group pic)

S6: rocket ship  (large) (see group pic)

CS1: card suits heart (medium)

CS2: card suits club (medium)

CS3: card suits ace (medium)

CS4: card suits diamond (medium)

AR1: arrow (medium)

AR2: arrow 2 (multiple sizes: medium and large)

AR3: infinity arrow (large)

AR4: split arrow (goes around text) (medium)

AR5: crossed arrows

G1: brain (medium)

G2: lightning bolt (tiny)

G3: open lightning bolt (small)

G4: custom lightning bolt (multiple sizes: medium and large) (not pictured yet)

G5: fleur de lis (medium)

G6: biohazard (large)

G7: caduceus (small)

G8: medical alert (extra large) (see group pic)

G9: angry!!! (small)

G10: four leaf clover (medium)

G11: diamond (large)

G12: bone (medium)

G13: bone (tiny)

G14: custom bone (multiple sizes: medium and large) (see group pic)

G15: custom crown (multiple sizes: medium and large) (see group pic)

G16: extra pointy crown (medium)

G17: jester crown (medium)



G18: heart and paw (medium)

G19: jar of hearts (large)

G20: smiley (multiple sizes: small and medium)

G21: heartbeat (small)

G32: heart with wings (medium and large)

G33: line of flames (extra large)



G22: diploma (small)

G23: grad cap 1 (small)

G24: grad cap 2 (small)

G25: pirate ship (large)

G26: paper airplane (medium)

G27: middle finger icon (multiple sizes: tiny and small)

G28: realistic middle finger (extra large) (see group pic)

G29: rainbow without clouds (small)

G30: microscopic rainbow (tiny)

G31: custom rainbow (multiple sizes: medium and large)

G34: crystal cluster (large)

G35: heart tornado / intertwined hearts (large)



dogs and dog sports

DO1: poodle (medium)

DO2: supposedly a husky (medium)

DO3: supposedly a dachshund (small)

DO3: supposedly a doberman (medium)

DO4: dog portrait (small)

DO5: flyball box (medium and large)

DO6: haybale (barn hunt related) (medium)

A43: custom rat (large)

DO7: dog face A

DO8: dog face B (beagle?)

DO9: split face dog with bowtie

DO10: dog face C (cavalier?)

DO11: dog face D (boxer)

DO12: spiked collar (small)


other animals

A25: howling wolf and moon (large)

A26: coyote (tiny)

A27: custom coyote (medium and large) (see group pic below)

A1: hanging sloth (small)

A2: llama (small)

A3: moose (large)

A4: squirrel (medium)

A5: sleepy owl (medium)

A6: snake (small)

A7: snail (medium)

A8: cartoon mouse (medium)

A9: cartoon pig (medium)

A10: cartoon sheep (medium)

A11: cartoon giraffe (medium)

A12: cartoon cow (medium)

A13: sheep (small, I have this stamp facing both directions too)

A14: lamb (tiny)

A15: custom sheep (large)

A16: lizard (tiny)

A17: panda (medium)

A18: tree frog (small)

A19: raven (tiny)

A20: bird 1 (large)

A21: bird 2 (medium)

A22: sitting cat (medium)

A23: cat with bowtie (medium)

A24: cat portrait (tiny)

A28: stylized deer (medium, but on the large side of medium)

A29: bat (small)

A30: look closely and you will find that this design isn't copyrighted (small)

H3: custom bat (extra large)

A43: custom rat (large)

A44: custom snake (large and medium)



A31: chicken (small)

A32: rooster (small)

A33: chick (tiny)


A34: bold butterflies (multiple sizes: tiny and small)

A35: detailed butterfly (large)

A36: super cute bees (multiple sizes: tiny and small)

A37: bold bee (large) (pictured below)

A38: luna moth (large) (pictured below)

A39: dragonfly (medium)

A40: horse running (small)

A41: sleepy owl (large)

A42: awake owl (medium) (not pictured yet)


A45: custom llama with sunglasses portrait (large)

A46: custom llama with sunglasses full body (large and extra large)

A47: lion (large)

A48: bigger chick (medium)

A49: bigger hen (large) (not pictured yet)

A50: kangaroo (large) (not pictured yet)

A51: awake owl (medium)

A52: bird 3 (large)




missing: kangaroo


sea life

SEA1: dead fish #1 (medium)

SEA2: dead fish #2 (small)

SEA3: cute crab (large)

SEA4: anglerfish (large)

B11: seahorse (small)

SEA5: simple realistic whale (large)



DI1: triceratops

DI2: velociraptor (3 sizes varying from large to extra large) (pictured below)

DI3: t-rex (3 sizes varying from large to extra large) (pictured below)

DI4: brontosaurus (pictured below, bottom right) (large)

DI5: spotted dinosaur (medium) (pictured below, bottom middle)

DI6: t-rex face (large)


F1: pizza slice (small)

F2: cherries with leaf (small)

F3: cupcake (small)

F4: strawberry (small)

F5: chocolate dipped strawberry (small)

F6: pineapple (medium)

F7: donut (medium)

F8: knife and fork (medium)

F9: avocado (small)

F10: apple (medium)

F11: margarita (medium)

F12: wine bottle (small)

F13: wine glass (not pictured) (medium)

F14: beer glass (medium)

F15: custom smiley donut (large and extra large)

F16: custom winky donut (large and extra large)

F17: custom cinnamon roll (large)


what's missing: shotglass


F1: Mrs. Poppy (large)

F2: Mrs. Poppy (large)

F3: echinacea face (large)

F4: flower with stem (medium)

F5: leaves with stem (medium)

F6: flower 1 (small)

F7: carnation 1 (small)

F8: carnation 2 (medium)

F9: flower 2 (small)

F10: flower 3 (tiny)

F11: rose (small)

F12: rose with stem and leaves (multiple sizes: large and medium)

flower spam: ask for this and you will receive a mix of F5-F11 in the corners or surrounding the text on the tag

M1: mountain range (extra large-- well, long anyway)

M2: shaded mountain range (large)

M3: two shaded peaks (large)

M4: hiking theme (medium)

M5: small mountains (small)

M6: stylized mountains (large)

N1: sunrise (multiple sizes: medium and large)

N2: sun (large) (not pictured)

N3: smiling sun (medium, but the large side of medium)  (not pictured)

N4: dandelion with fluff (fluff is separate and I can scatter it on a tag) (medium)

N5: leaf (multiple sizes: small, medium and large)

N6: oak leaves (multiple sizes: tiny, small, and medium)

N7: succulent 1 (medium)

N8: succulent 2 (medium)

N9: succulent 3 (multiple sizes: medium and large)

N10: cactus (small)

N11: redwood tree (large, very tall)

N12: solid tree (small, tall)

N13: tree (small)

N14: similar tree (two sizes: medium and large)

N15: winter tree (small)

N16: winter tree (medium)

N17: winter tree (large)

N18: leftmost tree (medium)

N19: middle tree (large)

N20: rightmost tree (medium)

N21: swirl cloud (medium)

N22: swirl cloud (large)

N23: peacock feathers (multiple sizes: both are large-ish though)

N24: moon (multiple sizes: small and medium)

N25: iris face (medium)

N26: iris full (large)

N27: sunflower face (medium and large)

N28: sunflower 3/4 (medium and large)



 beach stuff

B1: waves texture (medium)

B2: wave (small)

B3: rolling waves (small)

B4: splash wave (large) 

B5: sand dollar (medium)

B6: palm tree (medium)

B7: starfish (medium)

B8: shell (medium)

B9: bigger shell (large) (not pictured yet)

B10: anchor (medium)

B11: seahorse (small)


S1: angry skull (medium)

S2: skull and crossbones (medium)

S3: sugar skull (medium, but on the large side of medium)

S4: fancy skull and crossbones (medium)

S5: very small skull and crossbones (tiny)

S6: ghost skull (medium)

S7: crossbones (medium)

S8: combine S6 and S7 to create a (large) skull and crossbones (not pictured)

S9: cute skull and crossbones (medium)

S10: massive skull and crossbones (extra large)

S11: bottom-most tall skull and crossbones (tiny) (see group pic)

S12: bird skull (large) (see group pic)

S13: doodle skull (medium)



U1: rearing unicorn outline (medium)

U2: full body unicorn with star (large)

U3: unicorn portrait with flowers (medium)

U4: prancing unicorn outline (small)


U5: adorable mermicorn (Love Frankie and Lola original design!!) (medium)

U6: unicorn portrait with star (extra large)

U7: pegasus (large)

U8: noodlecorn... a unicorn with noodly legs that is quite pleased with itself (large)

U9: unicorn with heart sunglasses portrait (large)

U10: small sassy unicorn (small)



ME1: kissing mermaid (large)

ME2: mermaid holding starfish (large)

ME3: sitting mermaid (large) (not pictured yet)



DR1: flying dragon

DR2: dragon portrait




ETC4: boombox (large)

ETC5: ..."hemp leaf" (medium)

ETC6: sunglasses (small)

ETC7: mustache (small)

ETC8: game controller (small)

ETC9: robot (medium)

ETC10: cause ribbon (small)



DE1: bubbles/dots/circles texture stamp (medium)

DE2: simple chevron (small)

DE3: 3 lines for emphasis (small)


DE4: square (multiple sizes: tiny and medium)

DE5: triangle (medium)

DE6: perfect chevron (small)


ETC1: bandage (small)

ETC2: jeep-ish thing (small)

ETC3: motorcycle (medium)


USA1: USA flag #1

USA2: USA flag #2

USA3: custom USA flag (not pictured yet)



H1: zombie full body (large)

H2: zombie head (large)

H3: cute bat (extra large)

H4: boo ghost (large and medium)

H5: unamused ghost (large and medium)

H6: christmas tree (large)

H7: santa hat (small)


- examples of fonts on actual tags

mad dog




go fetch!










fresh ink