• what fonts and symbols are available?

    • here is an old chart with available fonts and symbols.
MASSIVE fonts (and the large type uppercase) only fit 5-6 characters max across the middle of the 1.25" medium tags, so be aware!
symbols: sitting labrador, chihuahua, heeling malinois, crouching border collie, running sheltie, dock diving dog, aussie frisbee #1, aussie frisbee #2, HFC logo, pawprint, heart, swirly heart, small hearts, tennis ball, smaller tennis ball, weave poles, tunnel, wing jump, A-Frame, broad jump, obedience jump, dumbbell, flyball jump, bone, racing flags, large swirl, small crown, large crown, small flower, large daisy, lightning bolt, medium star, large star, small scattered stars, small skull and crossbones, large skull and crossbones, yinyang, caduceus, tennis shoe, small swirl, diamond ring, diamond, sun, moon, strawberry, jester crown, anchor, arrow, horseshoe, rocket ship, flame, card suits, fleur de lis, USA flag, maple leaf, owl, sheep, moose, crab, ribbon, peace sign, heart with wings, coyote, giraffe, snowflake, bacon, squirrel, medium squirrel, dragonfly, bee, shark, lizard, fish, tiny dinosaur, fish bones, tiny butterfly, tiny Labrador face and, not pictured: pirate ship, sugar skull, leaf, alien
    • what is the turnaround time for mad dog metal products?

      • mad dog metal current turnaround time is 4-5 weeks before shipping due to a big sale. I hope to have that down to 2-3 weeks shortly. I no longer guarantee an exact shipping time frame but I do offer a general guarantee of refund or product credit if you are unhappy with the service or product regardless of time frame (updated MAY 5 2018)
    • what is the difference between classic and rockstar tags?

      • both are thick, round aluminum tags but a classic tag is a discounted option for simple designs with only a pet's name, single phone number and symbol. any more info than that on a round aluminum tag and it is a rockstar tag. we will put as much info and as many symbols as we can possibly fit on a rockstar tag if you request it. 

    • my shipment hasn't arrived in the expected time frame or there is a problem with the tracking information. how do I contact you?

      • please contact me as soon as possible at maddogmetalworks@gmail.com so that I can make sure your wayward tags find their way to you or are replaced.

      • do you ship internationally?

        • yes!

        • I would like to place a large order. is there a quantity discount?

          • yes, please contact me at maddogmetalworks@gmail.com for a quote.

          • is there a discount for rescue organizations?

            • yes, please contact me at maddogmetalworks@gmail.com for a quote and/or discount code on tags for rescue organizations.

            • will you consider donating products or gift cards to rescue or other worthy causes?

              • of course, please e-mail me at maddogmetalworks@gmail.com and I will look in to donating items to your cause.

              • are you interested in vending at my event?

                • mad dog metal does occasionally vend at dog shows, please feel free to forward any information to maddogmetalworks@gmail.com