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There will be no Mad Dog Monday on Sept 7! However there will be a nice pile of takeout (premade) tags for sale later in the week :D

September will be a month of small sales (takeout sales, custom groups of 2-3 days of work at a time, experiments etc)

Mad Dog Mondays will return in October

FYI: the only Mad Dog Monday where I received too many orders was THE FIRST ONE. The only orders that have been canceled since then had copyrighted lyrics, trademarked phrases etc.



I will be choosing which orders I want to accept.

(Almost) every Monday, the custom order forms will be open ALL DAY. 

You can add custom tags to cart and check out.

Payment will be authorized, but not processed unless I ACCEPT your order. Excess orders will be canceled on Tuesday without processing payment. The overwhelming likelihood is that your order will be ACCEPTED. If you do NOT receive a cancellation email, your order has been ACCEPTED. You will NOT hear from me unless your order was canceled! 

Maximum for Mad Dog Monday orders: 2 tags per order. UNLESS... are still on the 2018 Wait List. If you are, your maximum is 5 tags.



There are still 73 names on my Wait List from October 31, 2018. If you are on this list: When you are 100% ready to place your custom order, submit your order on Mad Dog Monday.

There is a $0.00 item that you need to add to your cart to let me know that the order is from the Wait List. Anyone still on the Wait List will get priority over requests to order from “the public.”

Please send me an e-mail if you have any questions about this!

I want to work for all of you, but there is only one of me. I know (and I am deeply grateful) that many people are happy to wait for custom art, but I am already making as many tags as I reasonably can and I’m no longer willing to let work pile up unnecessarily… so I will only commit to a week’s worth of work at a time. Thanks for your understanding!

Products that will be added to Mad Dog Monday in the next few weeks: hashtags for small dogs and humans, collar slide tags, crate tags. I am working on making price calculators for them! Please e-mail me if you are on the wait list, ready to order and are interested in these items this week.